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WCS/Blues Crossover Social Dance

SATURDAY MAY 27th at 8:00 PM – 10 PM

Studley Gym, Basement, off of University Avenue or Alumni Crescent, Dalhousie University

Event by Judy Corkum and Halifax West Coast Swing
Studley Gym Dalhousie University

Duration: 2 hr

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

Come Dance with us! We’ll be dancing to songs that you can Blues or WCS to, at this Dalkingsswing Social dance.
If you know WCS or Blues, have done the basics, or even if you have taken a Taster class, or the Blues series in May, we’d love to see you!

Just $5 at the door, and they’ll be playing music for you to dance either dance style, or both!

The Studley Gym has a nice wooden floor, look for the sign outdoors at the end of University Avenue, go up the stairs, then down the stairs and follow the halls to the dance studio. Parking is on surrounding streets or on Alumni Crescent, around the Wickwire field.


Sonya Swings by in Summer 2023
Save the date for our first Halifax intensive weekend workshop with Sonya Dessureault, another great Canadian Pro who studied modern dance in her hometown of Montreal.

She worked as a Latin street dance instructor until discovering West Coast Swing (WCS) during a crossover performance at a salsa congress. Sonya loved the freedom of expression in WCS and knew she had found her dance. After deciding to commit fully to the dance, she progressed quickly through the ranks, has performed various notable showcase and classic routines, as well as taught extensively across North America and Europe.

Sonya believes that all great dancing comes from learning to understand and then have fun with what you know. She’s technically precise and thorough in her teaching methods and structure, all the while, empowering people in partner dancing to dance free.

EARLY BIRD pricing is $100CAD until June 16th, then will go up to $125. Workshop location TBD but this is what to expect:
-Waterfront dancing on both Friday & Monday (if weather permits).
-4hrs of workshops with Sonya (likely on Saturday).
-Access to 45min privates (likely Sunday, Monday & Tuesday).
-Probable BBQ on Michael’s Dance Deck (TBD).

Registration Info can be requested via PM, or emailed to halifaxwestcoastswing@outlook.com


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